UBC Helped Team USA Won 3 Gold, 5 Silver and 1 Bronze at PANAM 2015
UBC sent four players in Pan Am Junior 2015 in Mexico. UBC players won 3 gold, 5 silver and 1 bronze at the tournament and helped team USA won the champion.
Celebrate Father's Day at UBC - Crystal Pan
June 21, 2015
UBC premier team got together celebrated Father's Day on June 21, 2015. There is a Chinese saying "Once a teacher, Forever a parent."(一日为师,终生为父). This is Coach Liu, like a father, caring for us and worrying about us. Even when no one sees him, he will think about how to help all of us improve. One such example is today, Father's Day. Usually, we do not have training on Father's Day, but coach Liu worried about our preparation for junior nationals and decided he would skip this holiday. Today, all of us were very happy, playing many matches with our teammates, no separation of age, and also ran a relay race. It was the most fun we have had in a while. Through all of our nerves and worry about preparation for junior nationals, I am glad we were able to relax a little and celebrate this Father's Day with coach Liu in such a happy environment.
UBC Received Eight Gold Medals at JIT 2015
April 7, 2015
UBC only sent five players to JIT 2015(Junior International Trials), and received eight gold medals at Westborough, MA on April 3-6, 2015. Once again, the most effective gold medal machine. Crystal Pan U-19 is selected to represent team USA for 2015 BWF World Junior Championships in Lima, Peru in Oct., as well as the XXIV Pan Am Junior Champions in Mexico in Aug.
  • Crystal Pan, U19, GS, MX, 1st; GD, 3rd
  • Ricky Liu, U17, MX, BD,1st
  • Joanna Liu, U17, GS, MX, 1st; GD, 3rd
  • Tiffany Kuang, U13, GS, GD, 1st; MX, 3rd
  • Adrian Mar, U13, MX, 5th
Crystal Pan, Ranked No. 8 on BWF Junior
UBC player Crystal Pan is ranked No. 8 on BWF Junior Ranking, which is also on the top of USA.BWF Ranking
2Crystal PanCompetition
UBC Players Helped Team USA Won Champion in 2014 Pan AM Junior Championships
Congratulates to all the UBC players who represented the United States in the 2014 Pan Am Junior Championships (PAJC) in Guatemala City, Guatemala in August 2014. Crystal Pan, Ricky Liuzhou, Joanna Liu, Andrew Wang, Jolie Wang, Brandon Wu from UBC demonstrated the best performance and won huge honors for team USA. Go UBC!
2CompetitionCrystal Pan, Ricky Liuzhou, Joanna Liu, Andrew Wang, Jolie Wang, Brandon Wu
UBC Players Rewarded in Upper Age Groups at 2014 Jr. Regional Championships Tournament
In the 2014 Jr. Regional Championships tournament at CBA during the 3-day Thanksgiving holidays, many UBC players: Crystal Pan, Ricky Liu, Joanna Liu, Carolynn Cai, Jolie Wang, Alex Zheng, Tiffany Kuang challenged themselves by playing up at the higher age groups and most of them won gold and silver medals. At the lower age group Patrick Chi won two gold and one silver. People are still saying UBC is the most effective medal machine among the clubs.
3CompetitionCrystal Pan, Ricky Liu, Joanna Liu, Carolynn Cai, Jolie Wang, Alex Zheng, Tiffany Kuang
UBC Successfully Delivered the Coach Training for USAB
May 17, 2014
On May 17, 2014, UBC successfully delivered the coach training program for USAB. About 20 coach candidates from different clubs attended the training. UBC is actively arranging the badminton program and contributing the popularity of this sports in Bay area. Appreciate the contributors Yi Wang, Alan Lam, Yuan Zheng and Ada.Traning Deck
UBC Wrapped Up 2014 Junior Nationals Championships with 12 Gold Medals
At the 2014 Junior Nationals Championships hosted by LABC in El Monte from July 1st to July 6th, once again, UBC became the biggest winner with 27 medals including 12 golds. JN is the most important tournament of the year with the best players from all the states. Congratulations to all the UBC players and coaches. Special congrat to triple crown winner Jolie Wang in the youngest group. Cheers.
Congrats to the UBC Winners at Junior International Trial
Many UBC junior players now became members of team USA to compete in the Pan American Junior Championships held in Guatemala this summer. UBC team won quiet a few medals at the Junior International Trial (JIT), held on the Easter Holiday weekend from April 18-21 at Affinity Badminton Club in San Carlos, California.
UBC Players Won Most of the Medals at the 2014 USAB California Championships Junior Super Regional Tournament
After three long days at the presidents' day weekend, UBC junior athletes have won most of the medals at the USAB California Championship tournament. This tournament attracted most of the best players from all the states because of the 70% weigh of the ranking score, and they are also the major preparation games right before the JIT tournament in April. The hard work by young players and coaches are paid off with over 20 medals. Well done, team UBC!
Celebrate Chinese New Year of Horse
January 31 2014
January 31 2014 marks the beginning of the Spring Festival, the literal translation of the celebration of Chinese New Year. UBC coaches, players and parents gathered and celebrated Chinese new year of Horse. The horse is a great and strong symbol. Many associate this symbol with “swift success” for all facets of one’s life. UBC coaches, players and parents gathered and celebrated Chinese new year at UBC and a vineyard. Everybody wish UBC team will be more successful in the year of horse.